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LEGO Tetris


The year is 1989. The Gameboy is rocking the all so famous melody. Who gets the highest score. Who gets the highest level, nobody knows.

Of course it is Tetris the world-famous game that everybody knows.

And now it exists in Lego.

Since there was no proper model of Lego Tetris i decided to make one. The Tetris game gives you multiple ways to place the bricks in the game. You can change the brick that is falling from above and the position of the bricks in the bottom, so that you can make it your own.

The set details:

The set consists of 459 bricks.

The set comes with 14 individual Tetris bricks.

And at last the set comes with a original Gameboy with Tetris installed, I'm just kidding it only comes with bricks.

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