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The Skyland of Edmund Featherthwaite

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Everyone knows how cool floating Islands are. LEGO Ideas has been filled to the brim with them lately. But this one is for minifigs and play! It is large, sturdy, and looks the part for sure!

The dimensions of the main island are as follows: 40 studs wide, 16 studs deep, and over 22 bricks high! The rock beneath the hose is 7 bricks high. The tree is tall and the leaves spread thoroughly! But don't let me bore you with facts and length!

It's also sturdy enough to stand in real life! Along the base are 3 transparent supports which give the impression of a cloudless sky. The boat is strong, the roof is too, and the islets coupled to Edward's house are stable, yet flexible. And that's not all!

The whole thing looks like a house that would exist in the sky! It has windows, a flat roof because of the lessened precipitation, and gardens back and front. The skyship has a sail to pull it forward, but even when it needs to go against the wind it has an engine! The twin jets on the side help to keep it aloft, and the minifigs definitely fit!

This is something of decent size, structure and splendour! If you want this to be available to all, click that support button. Then share it with your friends, comment and rate! Before we know it, this skyland will be a reality!

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