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Heroica, Raltodod Monastery

This here is my concept for a new Heroica set, called Raltodod Monastery. The heroes would include:
The Monk (Purple, melee skill defeat monster and monster up to three spaces away w/ corners)
The Prince (Dark blue, ranged skill listed on
The Rogue (Black, Melee skill listed on

And villains:
Drained Monks (dark grey, strength 1, amount three)
Monks (sand yellow, strength 2, amount three)
Abbot Kristoff (Black, strength 3, amount one)

These are the three new villains and The Monk with minifigs to show what details should be on them, and now some story info on their characters/bios:

Drained Monk (grey): These monks are no more intelligent than zombies, having given their sentience and intelligence to the Goblet, and are kept around simply for protecting their monastery.

Monks (sand yellow): These monks have not yet given themselves up to the Goblet, having not yet reached enlightenment. They remain in prayer until they are needed to protect the monastery.

Abbot Kristoff (black): The cruel Abbot has served the Goblet of Wisdom for innumerable years, all the while taking a share of its prizes. With the monastery under siege, he has sent his temple's psalm-sayers to protect it from all outsiders.

The Monk: Raised in Raltodod, the Monk left when he found out what they did to those who reached enlightenment. He joined the heroes to destroy the goblet and set the other monks free from the Abbot's dark grasp.

Here is the three-tile room, simple with a statue of their first abbot, used three times in the set.

Two-tile room, this time more ornate, with a statue of Abbot Kristoff, again used thrice in the set.

Here are the entryway (brown and sand-yellow), the meditation room (light grey and white), and the Room of the Chalice (med. grey and dark grey). The Goblet of Wisdom is the relic for this set, and it's ranged ability is to make any hero's next monster fight default to the sword and skull tile.


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