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Shaolin Temple

Let me introduce you the place, where one can strengthen it’s body and soul, the Shaolin Temple. I choose this theme because i respect shaolin monks for their determination, force and knowledge of kung-fu.
The temple is built on a 32 x 32 sized baseplate. I tried to keep the design and look simple and easy to build. The front side features few stairs and the entrance with two columns, one of them is decorated with multicolor flags. As we enter the temple, on the left, we can find some simple furniture, and foldable bunk beds. On the right, a small corner with basic furniture, a statue, a book of teachings and some sticks and a sweep to improve one’s theoretical and technical knowledge as well.
How is life in the Shaolin Temple? After waking up one starts it’s day with taking a bath in the pool with icy water. That’s followed by practicing balance on the stumps and strenghten the body and the reaction time with the wooden dummy. Finally after the exercises for the body, one can strenghten it’s mind with meditations on the bench under the old bonsai on the quiet side of the temple. 

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