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Hummer H1 With Four Wheel Drive


Hello. I'm an amateur Lego creator. It's a pleasure to participate in Lego ideas project.
I have been building Lego cars since I was a little boy because vehicles have always been what I wanted to make. 
There are so many various parts from Lego nowadays, so I finally could make some favorite wheels.

      Here is my LEGO MOC HUMMER H1 4WD.
  • A chassis is made of technic parts and the Body is composed with system bricks.
  • I paid careful attention to the external shape (grills, taillights, bumpers, etc.) so it can show only simple driving ability.
  • To drive remotely, It needs Power functions: 88003 L-Moter 1ea, 88004 Servo-Moter 1ea, 8884 IR RX 1ea, and batterybox(loadable on the trunk).
  • Bonnet, 4-Doors and Trunk openable. You can see the interior space if you just lift off the top.
  • Foldabe seats, Removable bumpers.

I'm just satisfied with my own creation because I can't afford to own a real Hummer which is very powerful and fabulous.
Thank you for visting and watching my MOC pictures, Your support is going to be of great help to me. :)

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