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Stock Chart Desk Display


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Whether you're a bull or a bear, with this Lego Idea, you can chart and display two of your best trades ever!

This model is comprised of three main parts: the base, the turning platform, and the double-sided chart wall.
  • The sturdy base includes 4 drawers for storage. The base measures 20 by 32 studs. All of the additional pieces (pegs, tiles, and minifigure parts) can be safely stored inside of the drawers while not in use.
  • The model's platform, which supports the charts, smoothly rotates 360 degrees on the base. This allows the charts to be turned around without moving the base. It also provides a place to showcase your custom minifigure(s).
  • The chart wall itself is built with angular brackets and a solid center, ensuring that the build remains intact during setup and display. The chart wall can be easily detached from the rotating platform, allowing it to be laid on a flat surface during setup. Four corner edges prevent the chart wall from wobbling while lying flat. Each chart measures 14 by 26 studs (not including the edges).

Other pieces in this build include red and green pegs, letter, number and symbol tiles, and minifigures.
  • The red and green pegs are each compromised of a 1x1 brick topped by a matching 1x1 tile for a finished look. These pegs are easy to rearrange, especially when the chart wall is removed from the base and laid flat.
  • The letter, number and symbol tiles provide that extra touch of customization to your chart display. Four tiles of each symbol are included. Ideally, this would also include four $ tiles.
  • The optional minifigures allow you to depict yourself standing in front of your most memorable trade! Minifigure parts include 4 complete suits, 4 heads, and 6 pieces of hair.

This model was built with approximately 1,600 pieces.

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