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Viking Lonship


Hello everybody !

The Vikings...

...warriors, raiders, sailors, farmers…but mostly, heros of our childhood !

When i was young, i tried to built a viking longship with the Lego bricks i had but i found it too small, not well design ;-) However, it was fun !

So, i wanted to design new one with frightening head bow, relatively flat hull to sail across the rivers, big oars, and enough spacious to contain treasures, food, water...and axes ! And, of course, i thought about one refined (not sure the result is!)

This set contains :

  - around 620 pieces

  - 5 minifigs

  - a longship

  - a camp

  - axes

  - and food, fish, water, cooking pot…

Be forgiving : it is my first draft with blender and the colors are...random ;-)

I hope this viking longship will be funny and playable and will enjoy the youth and less younger among you !

Thank you for reading this description !


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