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I am helping my son (8). He designed this Spinner in Digital Lego Designer and is very excited about the project.

Basic idea behind the spinner is to build a craft, which spins on top of a small lego part.

The wings provide good stability and the craft can spin very fast (put it on a flat ground and give it a spin).

It's really fun to play with - especially the moments when two spinners colide together :) Builders are motivated to make a faster and stronger crafts. This will test your creativity and LEGO building skills.

Spinner's body doesn't need to be a circle. You can easily build a simple craft from a 12x12 or 10x10 square lego parts - everyone has these.

Next time you play LEGO (with your children) I recommend to try it. Or maybe you can try it now ;)

Please, let us know how you like it. Thank you.

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