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Samurai Jack & Aku

This LEGO model features Samurai Jack and his great enemy, Aku, from the TV series: Samurai Jack. It features largescale figures of each of the iconic characters, ready to battle it out once again to determine the fate of the world as we know it. Will Jack prevail and banish this great evil, or will Aku get his dark and treacherous kingdom once again? I dare say it is up to us.

The models themselves are carefully built to best represent our characters, staying true to the original animation by keeping simple and two-dimensional design just like the TV show. They are instantly recognizable and hours upon hours of work have gone into keeping them faithful. Additionally, each figure is entirely posable with reinforced joints to ensure they not only look fantastic (If I do say so myself) but to make them playable and durable for the toughest battles we can imagine.

This series was a staple of my childhood, and I remember being curled up in a blanket mountain during the cold New England winter watching this show for hours on end. I loved every second. Years later I just purchased copies of each season to rewatch as often as I can.
Truely, this show has always been a part of me and I know there's a lot of people out there just waiting to have this memory come swimming up. And, if that memory came as a LEGO set? I can scarcely imagine how much joy the merging of these two incredible genres together would bring so many people. LEGO fans, Samurai Jack fans, collectors, and anyone who needs a bit of nostalgia will also need this set. I want to bring it to those people, to my siblings, and to the creators of Samurai Jack as well.

Quick Specs:
-In total the models include 528 pcs
-Jack stands at about 7" tall
-Aku stands at about 15" tall

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