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Modular School


Welcome to the new modular school.

Huge project that consists of around 3000 pieces.

Formed by four zones, divided into two levels that can be separated with countless details.

Lower central area:

  • Here we will find the reception and the huge hallway that will take us to the different rooms.

Lower left zone:

  • When crossing the hall, we see the lockers where students can leave their backpacks and books.
  • The main classroom
  • Toilets

Lower right area:

  • Nursing.
  • Cafeteria, with self-service to eat something fast.

Upper central zone:

When climbing the stairs from the corridor, we will find:

  • The music room
  • The library and the computer room
  • The director's office, full of details.

The roof of the four zones can be separated, in addition the left and right zones can be opened to see the details of its interior.

I greatly appreciate the time you have used to see this mega project.
Thank you very much for your votes!

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