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Power Function Regional Train and Station


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These are my Regional Train (with power function) and station.

This set has got 1851 bricks;including five animals,10 minifigures and the Power Function Controller.

There is a station worker,a train driver,two railroad workers,a ticket inspector (the policeman),a chef and four travelers.
In the photos I added a man with the train drivers' correct uniform (brick # 4275886),because on LDD I couldn't find it (this will be the uniforms that will appear in the set).

There are two rats,a spider,a pigeon and a dog.

The train has got one locomotive,one first class coach and two second class coaches. The first class carriage is smaller,but it has got red carpets and a luggage storage for every passenger.
On the other hand,the second class wagons have got more seats,blue carpets and a smaller luggage area.

In the station there are two traffic lights for trains,one ticket office,one small food shop with two vending machines,a mailbox,two ATM,two automatic tickets machines,some seats,lamps,notice boards,and there are two platforms linked by a bridge.
For access the platform,you can use two little stairs provided in the set.It's possible to change the position of the stairs,the ticket office and the food shop positions with link bricks included in the set.

In the Lego Digital Designer's file,I used the 9V engine;but in the reality,there will be the recent automatic wheels (the piece part #4584375 with two cross pieces #370626 that link four wheel #4582034,like in the recent official City's sets),and there isn't the remote and the chef too,because they're not in the program.

P.S.: I'd like to add some stickers,but even without them,I think this could work too!

P.P.S.:for any question or suggestion let me know in the comments

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