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Plants in the Pipes!

Beware! This small town is having plumbing problems of a colossal nature. 
The secret lab of Professor Scorpio Ivy conducted plenty of research on various venomous creatures in hopes of finding something diabolical to use to get rich quick with a miracle serum.  This time he was experimenting with none other than the rare neon-orange scorpion from the Sunken Ruins of Pharaoh Hotep (sunken in sand).  It didn't matter if his serum was for age, beauty, or even the deceased; Professor Ivy was close to finding something...he just KNEW it.  His ambitious drive became careless lust for the serum he had hoped would bring him wealth.  On one catastrophic day he left his scorpion's cage unlatched and the sneaky insect escaped and began to cough up gallon after gallon of venom, trying to purge itself of the repetitive injections the Professor had given it trying to turn the venom into the miracle serum.  The venom spilled across the floor and found a path to the water main!  The situation only got worse because the piping had a loose connection right where the venom saturated the ground.  The shooting water mixed with the venom and then, the real problem began.  The tainted water coursed through the water system and began to dissolve and crack even more of the piping that lay under the quiet town.  Soon the roots of trees and plants growing nearby were strangely enlarged and grew quickly as the townsfolk watched in awe.  Tiles in bathrooms cracked and broke through walls and cabinets in twisting giant plant roots.  The miracle serum turned out to instead give the flora great strength and even an awareness.  Not long after, the town heard the deep, gnarled bellowing of the horrific Toilethead!  Will Professor Scorpio Ivy be able to undo his terrifying accident?  Will the town be able to eradicate the quickly growing plants in their pipes? 

What fun it is to grab some bricks and just go crazy!  I really enjoyed building this and I hope my set conveys the horrible negligence of Professor Scorpio Ivy.  His admiration for scorpions and the miracle serum have finally caught up with him and surely the town will come after him once they rid themselves of all the overgrowth.  I wonder how Toilethead feels about everything. Do you think he is upset that his life comes at great cost to the town?  Perhaps he will turn against Professor Ivy for bringing him into this mayhem or worse...he could side with the professor and wreck havoc on the poor poor townspeople.  I hope we can bring this silly set to life just like Toilethead.

I am a beginner at using building software but the capability is quite amazing and fun once you get used to working with it.  I could find just about everything I needed, but where I couldn't I made custom bricks.  Professor Ivy's lab coat is a custom.  The experience was a whole lot of fun.

Thank you for checking out my Plants in the Pipes creation and please, let me know what you think and even who you would side with.  The diabolical Professor Scorpio Ivy and his maddening inadvertent creation Toilethead? Or would you build yourself a Fire Mech and help the town duke it out with nature's fury?

Take care everyone and happy building, I know I'm loving seeing the wonders people create!

Your Brick Brother,

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