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Book Nook Library

Book nooks are amazing! They create a new world on your bookshelf, that you can stare endlesly in. There are a lot of book nooks for sale online but none of them out of Lego. People who love fantasy themes really like them. Lego has done well lately with display sets for adults, and a lot of people think old libraries are the coolest buildings there are.

Make your boring bookshelf look better! You can easily fold it open to appreaciate the details better. It even folds open all the way to use as a display model. The set features
  • a stone staircase
  • 2 harnasses
  • 2 reading tables
  • over 250 books
  • a ladder
  • some hidden treasures and references

First when designing this I got to measuring how big it should be. The answer: about the size of an A4 piece of paper. Next I decided it had to be 3 stories tall, but it also needs the double floor with the tall ladder. After that I designed the reading tables and finally added all the books. It was a lot of trouble making sure it is sturdy but there are a lot of bricks with studs on all sides in it. I kept it plain so people can use them in their own fantasy theme.

Have fun!

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