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Book Nook Alley

Is there a space missing in your bookshelf that you just need to fill?

Do you want to sneakily display a LEGO set in your home, among your other decorations?

Are you a fan of miniatures or little village displays?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the LEGO Book Nook Alley is the perfect set for you!

The 8 x 20 stud platform houses 7 building facades that reach a maximum of 23 bricks, a cat, a resident, and a few decorative frogs. The overgrown village is meant to look as if it has been a part of your bookshelf forever. The minifigure helps run this little village and may occasionally enter a building façade which leads into the book to the left or right of the display. The minifigure loves to read books by being transported into them! This display can be an imaginative playset or a subtle decoration.

The subdued colors help to blend the set into any house's typical non-lego decorations. So if you want to hide this display piece in your home, make sure to vote and share the project with your friends!

Thank you!

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