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Bus Stop


This is a Bus stop with 4 buses to choose from when playing.

The bus comes in 4 different colors. They can be parked on the studs at the bus stop.

There´s also a large pole light included, so the bus driver will see you in the dark.

Everything is in micro scale and the model has the same basic design as my Theme Park sets. It is based on the 16x16 stud base plate. The design is a spin-off when I did a large theme park from all of my different earlier Theme Park designs. You have to have a bus stop for the free shuttle bus next to a Theme Park!

You can build a larger bus stop area by connecting more than one of the set side by side. The bus stop is easily placed in your micro scale city. If you want to see an example of use in a larger design, see the update of the Theme Park design, The Maze.


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