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Modern Fire Brigade


What is the most distinctive feature of a fire station? Not the red, not the trucks, but the gates. Every fire station has gates for the vehicles. What if they are the signature of the building? And what if the walls inside break out the facade box?

The new fire brigade starts from there. The walls creating those bays extend up to the second floor, while the walls seem to grow over the outer walls, slicing the building up. Inside, you have everything a normal fire station would have: parking bays and equipment racks on the ground floor; pantry, resting room and toilet on the top. There is even a ping-pong table for the firemen!

One of the play features here is the light. I put the red light brick at the corner and so when there is alarm, you can light it up and the firemen will be ready to go!

Support this to make it real, and modernize your city!

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