Product Idea |

RC Prototype Racing Car

This is a prototype racing car. It isn't based on any real car, so the design is different to a real car. I think this is good because if it becomes a set, there won't  be any licencing issues. 

The technical features are:
2 M motors for drive
1 L motor for steering

The visual features are:
Rear diffuser
Side air intake
Front spoiler
Quad exhaust cluster

I built this car because I had a idea of building a race car to race at Le Mans. Even though that is a long time away, I thought it would be interesting to build it in Lego. And then motorize it.

I believe this will make a good Lego set because it is Creator size, but is motorized. It is also a Le Mans style car, so fans of endurance racing will be happy. There is no other set  to compare to this. If you had this as a set, it would work as a model as well as a toy, so will attract adult buyers.

If you want to see this on the shelves, then please support. Thank you.