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Burlington Northern


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Burlington Northern
This locomotive is inspired by the many that have and still cross the Burlington Northern Railroad system. The train has an iconic design ranging from the sleek front cone, the complex set of front windows and the heavily intricate custom wheelbases. While designing this model, I tried to fit in as many details as possible while still maintaining as much accuracy and sturdiness as I could. With tons of detail and functionality, I believe this could be an awesome LEGO set and would look great on any shelf, train layout, or with any collection. I hope you consider supporting my project!

Why I designed this. 
Trains are awesome, and LEGO trains are that much cooler. I’ve always had an interest in locomotives, and I have fond memories from when I was younger of visiting train conventions to see the sophisticated train layouts. Despite all of this, the reason I actually decided to build a Burlington Northern was because of my dad. He thought it would be a cool train model to see come to life in the form of LEGO bricks, considering the Minnesotan heritage the Burlington Northern Railroad and my family both share.
Even with this new-found inspiration, it still took me a while to start designing this model, since I had never designed a train before. I was able to push through the initial creative struggles by starting with the center fuel tank. Once that was finished, I moved onto the front and rear coupling section. After this, the body came together surprisingly quickly. Funny enough, the last part I designed was the wheelbases, considering how important they are!
This model is packed with details and is of course motorized. By simply pushing down one of the vents, the battery box turns on and allows the two medium Power Function motors to be controlled using a remote control.
The realistic model is also minifigure scaled, allowing you to pose minifigures at different positions on the train.

The model was very fun to design and build and is truly beautiful. With the addition of functionality, I think this train instantly becomes a fantastic candidate for a LEGO Ideas submission! I am really excited to be able to bring this model onto the LEGO Ideas platform and possibly see it on shelves one day! So if you want to see that happen, and you want to help out my project along the process, consider supporting my Burlington Northern Submission!

Thanks everyone for your support and for taking the time to look at my submission!

Everything above including the text, images, video, and LEGO creation are entirely my own original pieces of work and design. The model is based mostly off of the GP-15 locomotive

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