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Mega Man VS Mecha Dragon

Here is my project based on one of my favorite games (and series) from my childhood: Mega Man!

This particular scene is inspired by the first boss on Dr. Wily's fortress from Mega Man II, the Mecha Dragon. I included a brick-built dragon totaling a bit under 200 parts, with poseable head, neck, arms, tail and legs. I picked a vibrant palette to represent the colors from the 80s era NES games. The dragon's body is mostly green and flame yellowish orange, with the head/neck, legs and tails in lime green, and some dark azure accents. 

The scene includes some floating blocks with a printed tile based on the in-game sprites, and a Mega Man minifigure.

I picked this scene because as a kid I always found this fight intimidating and nerve-wracking, plus the Mecha Dragon has become an iconic Mega Man enemy. I made this minifigure scale, so it is easier to display, and a lower part count will make for an easier purchase and a quick little build.

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