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Lego Armoured Van

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This is the Lego Armoured van. It is heavy-duty looking in the front and has a storage compartment in the back. This M.O.C has 142 pieces. If Lego makes this as a product, it will be priced at $15.00

We get 1 minifigure in this set. He is the driver of the van. He is wearing a suit, a pair of sunglasses, and a black police officer cap.

On the side of the vehicle, there is a dark stone grey chassis, which is brick-built by the way. There is also car doors on each side, and side view mirriors. The yellow and red stripes are also seen here, which are the colors of the Lego logo (there is no black used here). The 1x2 trans. red plate is showing at the back for tail lights. Also, the yellow stripe continues around the back door.

In the back of the van, there is a hatch to get access to the storage area. Lift the handle and you will see a white floor that is tiled to be smooth, giving it a finished look.

The top of the van is very interesting. Unlike some models that are currenty out of have been out, the top is pretty smooth using tiles. The only studs that are showing are the ones on the 4x6 wedge plate and the 2 on the back door

The front has the bull bar for safety in case the van hits into something. Between the 1x1 clips holding the bull bar, there is a 1x2 dark stone grey tile. On that piece, there will be the same license plate sticker as the back (JC the chosen set number). The bumper design is traced around the vehicle so the chassis and the bottom of the front bumper are the same thickness (2 plates high) and the same color (dark stone grey). The inside holds the minifig that comes in the set and has space behind the drivers seat for another one if you want.

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