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Beach Bar



Hi! I'm Gerard and I'm thirteen. I'm a Lego fan and I designed this Beach Bar with DLL. Is inspirated in my country Catalonia!! You know? Barcelona?? Well, my languages are Catalan and Spanish, so I'm going to do my best explaining the project. I'm sorry about any mistake.


- Beach bar: well, from here comes the name of the project so it's one of the most important things of the project. We have a bar (counter) with the owner and some glasses. Behind there is a barbacue and one/some barrel/s. We can open the bar from behind (where there are two "doors").

-Table: next to the bar we can see a table for the people who want to relax in one of the three chiars there are. There is a girl.

-Lifeguard: On another base plate there is a lifeguard sitting in a high chair with a seagull over him.

-Plants and more: the situation is a beach, so there are plants and palms. There is a green flat too that indicates that the condition of the sea and the weather is good to swim.


- Owner of the bar

- Lifeguard

- Pretty girl

- Surfing boy (with a surfing table)

- Dancer (from Mexico)


I hope you will valorate my work and writing in English so I'm pleased to recieve your support!! Thanks ;D

Please comment and say what you want: any type of mistake or suggestion, always with respect. :)

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