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Save The Day


The (please select one: city, mountain alps, forest, or moon) is under attack by a giant evil robot! who is there to save us all?

The correct answer is a giant good friendly robot! that will, well... save the day!
but with different backgrounds and terrain! choose between saving the city, or the alps or a forest or the moon!

don't worry, your friendly robot has giant boosters to get it from place to place, it is powered by your imagination!
Its also equipped with a laser blaster and a giant hand to keep the giant evil robot at bay! the robot can also be easily knocked off.

Set includes:

  • micro city and some cars
  • mountain alps
  • the moon
  • the forest with river
  • giant evil robot
  • giant friendly robot

Set Features:

  • easy snap-off for the giant evil robot
  • easy knock-off for the city and its cars

Additional features i did not think of:

  • tons of stud shooters
  • tons of flick missiles 
    (ive already ordered them for updates and future projects)

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