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Blades Of Alagaesia


This is my Blades Of Alagaesia project. This is a build that i have made in LDD and based off of the book series The Inheritance Cycle. I made these after my Naegling Project, and I have used Naegling for the basis of these swords. 

From left to right the blades are: Zar'roc, Probably Arvindr, Naegling, Brisingr, Tamerlin, and Islingr.

Notes: These are not perfectly accurate models.

  • 426 Bricks
  • 6 Swords
  • USD $55-70 would be a reasonable price.
  • Not very stable. If this gets approved, I'll leave Lego up to the stability issues.

If you like this, check out my Naegling project. 

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