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F S P and R S


Hello Lego Ideas team and Lego Fans around the world. This is Treetop 2017!  There are two parts of my idea, and i will explain a little bit to you all! I have a new project idea that I would like to share with everyone. The short name is f s p and r s, the long name is frost snow plow and repair shop. There are 210 pieces all together in this idea of mine. In the first building you have four seats, customer service desk, sign that says Frost, in the second building you have a mechanic, a snow plow jack, a red snow plow, blue snow plow, two mini sticks on the snow plow, a yellow snow plow with mini stick for the repair shop, a snow repair blade  tool bench, with blue snow plow blades on it, a computer with tag maker, a tool bench with a hammer, a screwdriver, and a drill machine. Lego does not make a idea like mine yet and i think it would be fun to have. It would let your imagination fly and it was easy to make. It is suitable for everyone! Thanks for your time, your lego fan Treetop 2017!

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