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Samurai Saturn (Titan Series)

Samurai Saturn

"A elegant and with knowledge warrior of honor, always ready to Battle"


-Head (Rotates)
-Neck (Back and Forth)
-Shoulders (Up and Down, Rotation)
-Elbows (Up and Down, Rotation)
-Legs (Up and Down, Rotation)

James "The Heavy Weapon"
This Minifigure Colors Matches with the Titan
His honor and precede the boy "You have to follow the rules" always loyalty to his duties.

Mounting the Minifigure James "The Heavy Weapon" to Chest
Easy and resistance bond for opening the cabin.
Close Completely.

Weapons Mounting gives a More Battle Style; And Are easy to mount.

Close View of the head details as the Beetle Horn and the heavy weapon system.

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