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Rhino Mk.II

The minifigures have spotted a mysterious object lying in the snow. But what vehicle can take them to investigate it?
Introducing the Rhino Mk.II!

The Rhino is a rugged two-seater SUV adapted for exploration on snowy planets. It has a large bed for carry crates full of equipment or any curious artifacts that the minifigures find on their expeditions (in this case, it was a crate of rare elements!). There is also a camera to help the minifigures see around them when visibility is low.

Its main feature is its suspension. The front and rear axles can move independently of each other, however both of the front wheel must move together and so do the two rear wheels.

Overall, I believe this model would make a good play or display set. I would recommend it for intermediate builders, as it is not the easiest to put together. However, the suspension makes playing with it very fun and adds more life to the set which fans of all ages can enjoy.

Piece count: 238
Length: ~16 Studs
Width: ~ 7 studs
Height: ~ 5 Bricks

Have a great rest of your day, MSM out ;).

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