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Mini Fairground Series

Here's my design for a range of mini fairground booths, hosting all the traditional stalls at a fairground, tin can alley, hoopla, hook a duck (net a duck in this case) and coconut shy.

486 bricks were used to create this series, and each one uses between 116 and 128 bricks.

Each booth is on an 8X16 base plate.

This is a close up of the 'net a duck' and 'coconut shy' booths, each one has realistic details. The ducks use 3 pieces each, and the coconuts are brown microfigures. Instead of a sign, I displayed the activity on the roof.

I experimented with different colour combinations, but red and yellow stripes worked best.

This is a close up the 'tin can alley' and 'hoopla' booths. There is a double layer of cans, as it looked more realistic. The hoopla booth uses life preservers as the rings, and bottles, instead of sticks.

Again, there is no sign, but I think displaying the activity on the roof works better.

This is another one to go with the series, a 'test your strength machine'. I have designed it so it actually works. The lever is hit with the hammer, and then the lever hits a trapped brick inside the machine upwards. The brick you hit is the light blue one you can just see.

I am working on more stalls to go with these ones, and am also developing the test your strength machine further.

*Project History*

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22/4/13 10 Supporters
10/7/13 12 supporters

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this project, and feel free to give any improvements or other stalls I could add.

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