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Trident TA-001

The Trident TA-001 is a futuristic elite racecar from Team Arrow, the most dominant team is their motorsport class. The racers race across numerous environments and terrains over the course of the season, and to make the races a bit more interesting, the governing bodies allow each to team to select their own elemental attribute, around which they can design their vehicles.

In the case of Team Arrow, they chose air as their attribute, so they have designed each of their vehicles to be able to transform from land going vehicles to flying vehicles. The Trident is the fastest machine in their garage. It can pelt around fast tracks at high speeds when its in power mode, but when the stages get a bit more twisty the vehicle can split in to, and the driver separates from the power pod to form the nimble 'Air Blade'.

The Trident has loads of cool features to make it a fun, playable set, including:

- Huge thrusters with adjustable blades

- Small hidden wheels allowing the vehicle to roll along the ground whilst still looking as though it's 'flying'

- Poseable wings and blades

- Detachable 'Air Blade' pod

- Cool sci-fi design for action packed play

The Trident contains 290 pieces, and measures over 32cm long and 17.6cm wide

Hope you like the model, and thanks in advance for any feedback and support



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