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Holiday Castle


Holiday Castle for family fun!

While there are a number of advent/holiday calendar sets and figures, I wanted to have a way to hold the 24 different figure parts and pieces to have something to build each day.  Turns out to be a great family project each year!

I built the model on a standard 32x32 and that ends up fitting nicely (and looking nicely) in a 14x14 inch display case on the table all throughout the holiday season.

The model holds 24 drawers and they are large enough to hold the pieces for the small figures that you want to build.  Since a model of this size can be a little heavy, I added "locks" for each drawer above the base level so that the drawers do not fall out and scatter pieces if the model must be moved.  The drawers also give flexibility and creativity to express your holiday season feelings, as well as your awesome brick collection.

The model has some technic parts to have mini-figs move in and out of the model via a crank on the sides.  And the mini-figs are easily interchangeable.  Image waking up each day to see a different face greeting you ;)

Should be a fun family event to build the model each year at holiday time, pick the 24 little models (or whatever gift you choose to store), and then have fun each day leading up to the holidays!