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Submarine Triton


This set does not seem much in your first look, but the build is pretty good. This model's name is Triton, a small yellow submarine and has 3 seats. It is 414 pieces including 3 minifigs. This model has a really cool side way build for air pumps and cool devices. The most difficault part of this build which I found challenging in LDD was the inside. I had to create inside of it whithin the glass which was very hard to cover the gap in between. I somehow tried my best to cover it. The glass looks like an egg. I tried my best to fit the minifigs inside, if you search Triton submarine on Google it will bring up a simmiler picture to this but the glass looks round. Anyways i had to fit in the minifigs somehowso i had to make an egg glass. Thanks for reading, please support if you like it. Until next time. 

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