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Steampunk Motor Cab

Welcome to the official Steampunk Motor Cab project!

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This is a design for a stylized, alternate-reality version of an antique automobile from the early 1900s. Concocted from my imagination, with a little influence from the Hansom cab, steampunk philosophy, and the natural suave of LEGO bricks, the Steampunk Motor Cab is sure to turn heads of all sizes. With working steering, differential rear wheels, a hinged trunk and adjustable side lanterns, the Steampunk Motor Cab will fill your imagination with adventures of the early days of the automobile. Detailed with all kinds of gears, levers, and chains, and trimmed out with pearl gold and light bluish gray elements, this car combines opulent fantasy with raw history, and is ready to take you anywhere you need to travel--"Where To, Sir?!" Please support my project so we can all enjoy a slice of adventure from the simpler days (before the Great War)!

Thank you all for your support!
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Detailed view of the front, with a hinged plate opened to see engine components.

Side view with various details. From top to bottom:
Rear window
Adjustable lantern and cab interior (Is that a pearl gold monocular?)
Extravagant interior seating and detailing
Steering wheel and engine

Hinged trunk for parcel storage

I hope you enjoyed. Please support!

Approx. 700 pieces

Special Thanks to the following BrickLink shops for excellent building supplies:
Oliver's Corner ~200 pieces
A Lot of Bricks ~ 25 pieces
Toy Brick Brigade ~15 pieces


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