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Rosa Parks Bus

Recently June 19th became a national holiday to recognize the abolishment of slavery in the United States, and I was lucky to finish the project on that exact day.

Though our society has conquered many things, we still have trouble perfecting equality. For this build, I hope to inform the whole world about a serious topic through my love for building Lego.

The Minifigures
The set includes Dr.Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Robert Graetz, Jo Ann Robinson, E.D. Nixon, and Claudette Colvin.

Rosa Parks: Rosa Parks’ activism started when she married a member of the NAACP, a barber from Montgomery. From there she moved up to secretary fighting for the voting rights of all women. During the bus incident, she was sitting one aisle behind the “whites only” sign. As the bus filled up, the bus driver moved the sign back and told Rosa Parks and three other African Americans to stand up. Three of them stood up but Rosa Parks stayed seated. This small form of stubbornness led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which spurred the Civil Rights Movement.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Martin Luther King’s activist story first began after Rosa Park’s arrest when he was elected by the newly made group MIA (Montgomery Improvement Association) to lead them in a protest. After a successful protest, he expanded the scope of his causes and soon was fighting for African American rights for the whole country. 

E.D. Nixon: Born July 12, 1899, E.D. Nixon has become an important figure to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. As an activist, he fought for voting and civil rights in the city of Montgomery. When Rosa Parks was arrested, he knew she was the perfect candidate to combat the discriminatory seat policy. With the help of Jo Ann Robinson, he began the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Jo Ann Robinson: Jo Ann Robinson is one of the main leaders of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. At an early age, she joined the WPC or Women's Political Council which was dedicated to fighting for African American rights, fight juvenile delinquency, increases voter registration in the African American community, and improving their status as a group. Jo Ann Robison also had a similar bus experience, where she sat in the white-only section on an empty bus. However, being threatened with physical abuse, she decided to leave the bus. During the Rosa Parks incident, she teamed up with E.D. Nixon to form the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Claudette Colvin: Many people believe that Rosa Parks was the first to refuse to change her seat, but in reality, it was a 15-year-old girl named Claudette Colvin. However, Claudette was pregnant at the age of 15, so E.D. Nixon didn’t start the boycott with Claudette, but rather found Rosa Parks to be the perfect candidate. While Rosa Parks is more well-known than Claudette Colvin, she was inspired by Claudette’s heroic action and used her as a role model when she refused to change her seat.

Robert Graetz: Graetz was a white pastor and one of the few white people that supported the Montgomery Bus Boycott. He was constantly being blackmailed and his house was bombed but through the adversity, he still fought for the rights of African Americans. Through the bus strike, he spent his free hours driving people everywhere and helping them in any way they could.

The Build
The build has about 1100 pieces and contains six Minifigures. The bus model accurately displays the original bus, with realistic ads from the 1960s and almost perfect inside seating.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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