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Burlington Northern Freight Train


The Burlington Northern Railroad was a railroad that was located in the northern United States. The railroad operated between 1970 and 1996. They operated 46 F45 locomotives numbered 6600 to 6645. The F45 locomotive is a cowled body locomotive coming in at 3,600 horsepower.  

This project contains a F45 locomotive numbered 6613 which has a cab that has enough space for a driver to sit in. The first two freight cars are box cars. While the other freight car is a covered hopper. And the last car on the train is a caboose with enough room for a person to sit in, a table for the person to do paperwork, a bed for the person to rest, and a coupla for the person to look out over the whole train. I think this would make a good set because it is a full train rather than just a locomotive so it can be good for both play and display.

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