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Lego Ascenders! ( modular builder buildings)

I came up with this idea while playing Tiny Towers on my phone. But this is NOT Tiny Towers.
This is my second original idea for a Lego. Basically what this idea is, is a building that can constantly be added to without looking awkward. The idea is that you would buy the main set which would have a base (lobby), one floor which in the picture is a Toy Store, and a roof (indev roof). The unique part of this is that you would be able to buy other sets that would be another floor with a unique theme that could be added to the building. The building could go from a simple 2 floor building to a 3 story, to a skyscraper and beyond! So for example, I buy the main set (will be named the Builder Building until further notice) and then I purchase the Fast Food floor and the Bakery floor, now my building is 4 stories high. The floors are all the same shape and size, with a different border (the dark red on the lobby) and a different window pattern on some. Each floor would have a unique design on the inside too. Each set would have 2 or 3 minifigures with the exception of the main base set, which would have 4 minifigures because it has the lobby and one "starter" floor. Pictures are coming soon but the lobby has a receptionist at her desk with a computer and keyboard. It also has the owner of the building with a broom keeping his lobby looking as good as it can get! As well as s small bench. The Toy store has the Toymaker at the register, a table (meant to represent a Warhammer based game) with some Microfigures of various colors for purchase. As well as some other toys like a toy dog, a robot, and a mini lightsaber (for liscence purposes the saber can be removed). The colored border will allow builders to know which floor is which theme from the outside pretty quickly.

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So far these are the floors I have made:

Toy Store (will be with Lobby in main base set)
Fast Food
Pet Store

These are the sets I plan to make in the future:

Medical office (to keep the residents happy and healthy)

VIP floor (would be slightly more expensive because it would have a new roof that looks different)

Owners floor (would include no minifigures which should downsize the price, and would have all the things the owner would need)

Service floor (would include a chef, a security gaurd, a firefighter, a server and a mailman making it a bit more expensive due to the added minifigures. That set would depict all the necessary services in a building, a chef to cook food for the server to deliver as room service to the apartment(s), a gaurd to maintain and enforce the rules of the building, a firefighter to keep everyone safe from fires, and a mailman to well, deliver mail :) )

Gym (some treadmills, weights, to keep the residents fit and healthy)

Ultimate house (the only two-story floor and currently in the idea stage. The Ultimate house would be a two-story apartment and would be the same price as the main base).

Creative floor (empty floor for creative freedom)

Heres the inside view of the floors, using the Fast Food floor as an example. The floors are all broken into 2 parts, the staircase and the actual themed room. The staircase is indev as you can see (might be an elavator if I get it working)

This floor is the Fast Food floor. It has a grill, a fry vat (or dishwasher, whatever you want), some trays, a burger, some drinks, and chicken nuggets. This is one of the sets that has 3 minifigures: the chef with his spatula, the cashier, and the customer. Theirs also a few tables.

This is the Pet Store floor. This floor has 2 pens, one holding 2 dogs (of both variants) and the other holding 3 kittens. Next to the pens is 2 parrots on perchs and an owl on a little post. The floor also has a desk with a cash register with the animal-keeper at the register and a little boy looking at the animals.

Heres a view of what multiple sets put together would look (would be bigger if Cuusoo would allow me to load it). This is the sets: Main Base, Pet store, and Bakery. I could edit this to be compatible with the Cafe Corner, Market Place, etc.

Now all your Lego City was missing is here! Need a Restaurant? We got it! Need a place to stay overnight? Come on over! Your kid need a new furry friend? Visit our Pet store! Want some fresh bread? Visit the Bakery! The possibilities of this idea is endless!

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