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ROAR - Ranged Offworld Assault Rover


Meet ROAR - The Ranged Offworld Assault Rover, Mark II.  If you need to get offworld and crush some bugs then you will surely be glad that you can ROAR over them with ease.  The raised firing platform doesn't just look cool it ensures that you give your enemies a nice target to consider while your ROAR at them with your dual long range plasma cannons.  Inspire fear as you bravely put yourself up in the air saying, "come and get me ya buggies!"

Notice the driver's position is safely tucked away in belly down position - This guy doesn't need to worry or be brave! He is much safer while he ROARS through the battlefield to find a truly bold and UNsafe firing position for your gunner.  

Order your ground assault forces to their doom today with a fleet of ROARs and may victory begin..we hope!

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