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LEGO Tower of Creativity

This took a lot of time to create so it would be great if you could support this project!

This set contains 2375 pieces. It consists of 5 floors, each floor dedicated to a certain interests!

The top floor features the color red and is a LEGO Store themed bedroom.

The floor below features the color yellow and is inspired by Arts and Crafts.

The next floor features the color green and is built for stop motion animation.

The floor below that one features the color aqua blue and is designed for musicians and instrument lovers.

The bottom floor features the color azure blue, and is optimized for the best gaming experience possible!

This would make a great LEGO set because the only Artists' Loft set so far is in LEGO Friends, and there isn't one yet for LEGO Ideas, Creator, City, etc. It would be amazing to see a yellow and orange building!

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