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Almost There!

I still have to build the VAB, Control Center, and (possibly) a second rocket. I am already at 1800 parts and I don't want to go over 2300 too much, so I am trying to think of ways to be part effiecent. I hope I can cram a second rocket in there so that the VAB feels like it has a purpose. Control Center may be a bit small, as I forgot about it up until now. I will probably have the project finished by the weekend! (Let's hope) Until then have fun doing (whatever else you like to do)! Oh... and tell the rocket engineers that gravity pulls things down and that propulsion in an upwards direction pulls things up... Not that it's important or anything...


LCSI Center: Construction Update

WARNING: [Everything subject to modification]

Anyways, I have designed the Launch Pad, Lobby/Visitor Center (cause mininauts be busy), and Walkways connecting everything together. I have 888 bricks down. In the end most of the facility's layout should be customizable! Hopefully I don't go above 2500 parts in the end... Probably about 1/3 of the way to completion!


New Project Announcment!

My next project is going to be a Space Center! It will include many play features such as, a Launch Pad, a Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), a cozy home for your busy astronauts, Rocketry R&D, a Visitor Center/Lobby, a modular rocket, and many rocket stages to fully customize the rocket's look and staging! This project will probably take much longer to finish than R&D, However I am much more excited for this one, as I feel I have more knowledge and concepts than before!

Happy (whatever your thing is)

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