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Blue Flame

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My son was inspired to build a model of the Blue Flame, a rocket-propelled land speed record holder. It started off grey and blue, then after looking at some pictures of the real car he changed the rear section to white instead.

Making the flames and lettering from the original is not possible on this scale but making a bigger model was beyond our parts supply. So we superimposed some simple letters and a home-made logo, to show what a LEGO set with stickers might look like.

Here is a picture of the rear, showing where the jet comes out. You could stick a big flame out here! (We haven’t got a blue one.)

The front uses simple cone bricks. The outer part is not fixed, we have not found a way to do this yet that doesn’t spoil the lines. Any ideas?

Although it is generally quite simple, the model gets more complex where the blue section meets the white section.

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