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Wooden Deckchair

For Chairs lovers, Design lovers, Mini-model lovers and simply to all who love to sit back and relax or just love to enjoy some good classic and minimalist furniture, this idea is really a match to your lifestyle.

Introducing.... drums please.... The Wooden Deckchair!

Don't be fooled by the image size right away! With 150 x 200 x 180 mm you'll have a blast building this wooden chair that really works. Fold and unfold it the many times you want because this creative project is built with almost 450 pieces and which makes the price tag to fit under the 49.99$. 

You could take some time out and enjoy creating this LEGO design piece to display at your home. It also could be offered as a cool gift for Birthday or Christmas to a truly fan model if this turns out to be a real LEGO model.

Enjoy your time in your lawn or at the beach.
Breath in... breath out...

Don’t you know how it works?
Let me guide you through what to do with this relaxing chair model!


Open the chair and lock it up between positions and choose one that you feel more comfortable with.


You have two positions to choose with the engraved lock system on the back.


With the headrest pillow you can lean back and relax.
Right next to it, don't miss the detail of the number of your deckchair's model.


With tiles 1 x 4 with Wood Pattern your chair will look even more like a real deckchair made out of wood.

Extra Colors!!!

Don't like the original color? No problem.
The model also comes with some extra tiles in different sizes and colors, like red, light blue and orange for you to replace to the one that fills better your heart. You can also mix them if you want...
Well... you choose!

Unfold and storage

In case you don't feel to display it anywhere you can always unfold the chair and storage it in the box or anyplace you want in your house. It gets very slim and unbreakable when it's closed.


I hope that, with your support and everyone near you, we can turn this into a real LEGO® set and that we could build and display it everywhere we want, including the beach or your backyard, alongside with other furniture items. 

Thank you for your time by reading every step of the project.
Supporting would mean everything!

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