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A Mech Driver and His Pets


A Mech Driver and his pets. 

With a poseable mech and two pets that are also poseable and a good color scheme I wanted to share it with LEGO Ideas and try to have it made into an official set.

I wanted to build this set because I love LEGO and all the creations you can make with them. When I see a lot of bricks, I don't just see bricks. I see LEGO Ideas just waiting to be created and shared with the world.

I believe this would be a great set for both children and adults alike. The set may be small in pieces but it does have some complex building techniques involved with it. A great way for both parents and children to spend time together, then enjoy what they accomplished together.

This set can also be customized with any minifigure you want to have driving the mech and it is easy to change out any colors that you may want to change out. This set comes with 3, that's right 3 playable brick build characters.

Features for the pets:
  1. The two brick pets are fully poseable with ball and socket joints connecting them.
  2. The number of movable parts allow the pets to have many different poses.

Features for the Mech:
  1. The mech has poseable arms and legs for different positions.
  2. The mech can fit a minifigure in the front of it.
  3. Both hands can hold item using a 3mm Technic axle.
  4. Both hands can rotate 360 degrees.
  5. The jet pack engine on the back can be removed if wanted.
  6. Easy to customize to make it your own(remove or add parts/ colors).

Piece count:
  1. Brick pets(2) = 46 pieces for each pet.
  2. Main Mech(1) = around 150 pieces.

Set measurements for the Mech:
  • Length = 5 inches(12.7 cm).
  • Width = 6 inches(15.24 cm).
  • Height = 7 inches(17.78 cm).

Set measurements for each Pet(s):
  • Length = 4 inches(10.16 cm).
  • Width = 4 inches(10.16 cm).
  • Height = 6 inches(15.24 cm).

Thank you for looking. If you like the set feel free to leave a comment and/or vote to make it an official set. 

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