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Antarctic Ambulance

Imagine visiting Antarctica, beautiful and extensive landscapes, sub-zero temperatures, wide plains, wild animals, imagine slipping on the ice, you must have very good balance and if you lose it you can have an accident. Now imagine all the dangers that exist in Antarctica, from trips, falls, illnesses such as flu, hypothermia, poisoning, work accidents, wild animals, ice slides, base incidents, vehicle accidents, etc. We must have an ambulance everywhere and Antarctica is no exception.

This all-weather ambulance has changed its tires for caterpillars, allowing it to climb to attend any emergency deep inside Antarctica, it also counts with 2 beds for the sick, 1 stretcher, 2 antennas, a low gain antenna and a high gain antenna, 4 doors, , the one behind has a ramp, international rescue painting, exploration and emergency lights, minifigure height sized and efficient space distribution.
The complete medical area has first-aid equipment, intensive care computer, oxygen tanks, serum and defibrillator.
The cabin has emergency lights and siren control, air conditioning control, communication with equipment at the rear and the hospital, mobile phone and of course the truck command controls.
The set includes:
  • 4 minifigures, 2 paramedics, 1 frozen man and 1 intoxicated man
  • 1 vehicle, ambulance
  • Medical equipment as shown
  • 402 bricks

Hope you enjoy it!

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