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Mountain Retreat

I DID IT ! LEGO asked me to scaled down my model. Removing things here and there, simplifying some rocks and underlying structures using bigger bricks, I can announce today that my model is now made of 2998 bricks ! Precisely ! Victory !

I Imagined a retreat blended into a high cliff with waterfalls and stone walls. A quite place to flee the frightenning world. I also wanted to find the right way to model rock. I think I achieved something nice here. What do you think ?

The mountain retreat shows off waterfalls, a stream, stonewall stairs, an orientation table and binoculars, cliffs, rocks, automnal trees, terraces, stone walls, a smal garden, firewood stock, a wooden workshop cabin, a main house with a fireplace, dining table blended in the rock, sofa, carpet, kitchen, bathroom and a mezzanine room with a double bed and two cats !
A lookout cabin is set at the mountain top containing a very quiet office for work with books and a computer, to work with a panoramic view.

I hope this model will make you imagination travel to the moutains like it does for me !

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