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Gypsy Camp

A gypsy camp, easily recognized by it's ecstatic colours and music, as well as it's well-known wagon and gypsy vanner horses. The set consists of a gypsy wagon(with full interior), campsite, a couple of trees and four minifigures.

I built this set because I love the colourful wagons. Each gypsy wagon is unique and customized in it's own way. I took some inspiration from real gypsy wagons for the shape of my wagon, I then tweaked it to my liking and gave it my own paintjob. The campsite is built using haybales covered with blankets and the tent is made from different colours of discarded material.

This could make a great set because you can have the opportunity to challenge your own creativity and build the wagon the way you want to. Extra pieces can be added and then be combined or used in different ways to customize the wagon.

Pieces: 1 026

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