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Sherlock 221b Baker Street

This is a Lego set based on the BBC show Sherlock. The build is of 221b Baker Street, Sherlock and Watson's flat.
 The bottom floor is mostly made up of Speedy's café which has a few chairs and tables inside. There is also a small area outside the café that has a chair and table. Behind the café is a small corridor which leads to the stairs. The top floor consists of a main living area and two bedrooms, the main living area has a sofa; a fireplace; a bookshelf and two desks. The bedrooms each have a bed and a lamp.
The mini figures I decided to include are:
- Sherlock Holmes
- John Watson
- detective inspector Lestrade 
- Mrs Hudson
- Jim Moriarty.
I also decided to add a early twenty-first century cab seeing as that is when the show is set and a cab is their primary form of travel.This set has in total 744 pieces, 242 for the cab 453 for the building and 49 for the 5 figures. I think that this set would make a great edition to my collection of Lego and I hope other people would think the same.

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