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Chrono Rescue: Rescuers VS Breakers


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The Lego worlds are under attack by the evil gang or paradox making baddies called the Chrono breakers who want to destroy the past and erase the future forever! It's up to the Chrono rescue team to stop thos time tangling terrors, fix the past, and paint a better future!


the builds in red and white are part of the chrono rescue team, more sleek and finely built with little gimmicks they hold.  they are the heroes of the line. with "gyro" being the one of them


the black and builds are the evil chrono breakers! with cobbled together builds and designs that give off the impression of a child's MOC, they get a bit zany and gimmicky, even if the gimmick isn't important, they'll slap it on there to add play function as seen with "forte"

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