Product Idea

Holiday Home

This set consists of one main build and four minifigures (the dad, the mom, the sister and the brother). The house contains three floors. The first floor is a fully furnished living room and kitchen. Furthermore there is some art on the walls and te big window at te front. 

Upstairs is a large bedroom, with three beds. Perfect fit for a family of four. There is also a little terrace. Going up, there is a laundry room/playroom. Since this is a holiday rental, it only makes sense to put those two rooms on the highest floor, as they won't be used a lot. 

The garden is overgrown with flowers and there is a little pond, where the children might also play in.

I built this set because I have always loved to build lego houses. When I saw the red brick, an idea formed inside my head immediately and I couldn't resist making it into a build all at once. I think the set might make a great lego ideas set, because the house isn't as big as the creator expert houses, nor is it as small as the normal creator houses. This might be a great starter house if you want to get the feel of building houses. It also easily fits in any kind of street consisting of lego houses.