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Culvers Restaurant


This is the first project of mine that I have submitted and have been working on for a while. It is a Culvers Restaurant. Culvers is best known for their Butterburgers and custard scoops that I personally really like.

The detailed interior features:

  • a kitchen complete with a custard machine, a soda machine (with plastic lids and straw dispensor next to it)
  • containers for custard toppings under the tv screen that show drive thru orders
  • Ketchup and Mustard dispensor
  • checkout counter with cash registers 
  • two booths and two tables
  • a restroom

Additionally there is a tall Culvers sign and two enter/exit signs for customer parking.

There is also a drive thru window complete with its own cash register and even a small car to go through it.

Also included are four outside tables with umbrellas so customers can eat outside and enjoy the fresh air, while they enjoy their meal. And when they are done they can throw their garbage away in the three trash cans sitting near them.

Minifigures included are:

  • 4 employees (blue shirts and hats)
  • 7 customers (with a bike for the biker guy)

I had a lot of fun making this set in Lego Digital Designer and I think this would fit in well with any Lego building setup.

I hope you all share and support my set. Thank you!