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Tanker fire truck

The fire tanker is an essential vehicle for fight against big fires. Thanks to its 8000 liter water tank it is able to supply other fire trucks ensuring a constant water supply in most important firefighting.
It is equipped with a reduced load due to lack of space. Anyway there is basic equipment inside to perform even small interventions such as: tree cutting, road traffic accidents, floods and other technical rescue operations which do not require specific equipment.
The tanker carries a two people crew, and it is used almost exclusively as a vehicle to support the normal fire trucks and other rescue vehicles.

UNIC 8460.21, 6 Cylinders, Diesel, engine capacity 9500 cc power 261 HP

120 Km / h

Length 6.80 m, width 2.50 m, height 3.10 m, weight 180 q
Centrifugal Pump MAB 300, 4 impellers in series
Medium Pressure to 3000 l / min to 10 atm
High Pressure 400 l / min at 40 atm
Priming Hydraulic Ring
4 mouths sent by 70, 1 sent by 25, 1 suction from 125

8500 lt

Driver 1 and 2 Brigade

Inside the fire truck we find many tools to work for them to perform each type of intervention.
In the first housing space are a medical first aid kit, a hammer, a hammer, wrenches of different sizes, a drill and a saw blade.
In the second housing there are a hydrant column, Pipelining, fire extinguishers and fire spears.
In the rear are:

1 high pressure hose reel, 2 Keys suction

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