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Shorebird Collection


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If you can’t get to the shore to see these beach beauties, build them instead!

The brick built shorebirds are inspired by my own trips to the beach, photographing shorebirds. They are both a delight and joy to watch, as I sit on the sand, feeling the salty sea breeze, snapping my shutter. 

One day it struck me, “what if I could go beyond a photograph to capture the moment? Could I actually build these birds out of LEGO bricks?” Evidently, I could! And once I started building them, I couldn’t stop. It was a whirlwind of inspiration! Combining two of my favorite things, bird photography and LEGO, how could it not be?!

  • Piping Plover with 3 chicks
  • American Oystercatcher with 1 chick
  • Common Tern with 2 chicks (one, very hungry!)
  • Black Skimmer with 1 chick

Each bird species sits on a 16 x 16 plate that can each be connected together with a few pins. Display in a row, or a group, in pairs or individually with modular baseplates!

This even has the potential to be built solo or with others! Each person gets their own species!

Articulating wings and tails to pose your birds in different positions.

Bird lovers and nature enthusiasts alike, this will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. It sure does for me! (Especially those Piping Plover chicks! ☺️)

If you’d like to have a piece of the shore, please support, comment and share! 

Thank you so much for reading!

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