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Lego Ninjago: Dark Bounty


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Hello everyone, Henny here with another news report. As everyone knows, the great devourer was destroyed, but, now garmadon has the golden weapons and he created the mega weapon. Garmadon now created the evil version of the bounty and he summoned pirates.These pirates threw garmadon and his snakes on the bottom of the bounty. Now the ninja must stop the pirates and take back there ship.

This set has exactly 600 pieces. It also has 4 pirates and 5 snakes. It  comes with Jay, zane, young lloyd( with his hair) and Lord garmadon with the mega weapon. In the dark bounty there's a dungeon.

If you like this set please check out my other sets. All of your guys support would be highly appreciated. 

Anyway this is Henny4315 signing off.

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PPS. If anyone has a request related to this set, I will try my best to fulfill your wish.

Chow guys.